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Working with Dr. Beskin has been such an amazing experience!!! She helped me with my medical school personal statement and activities section. Our sessions were productive and enjoyable. I am really happy with the way both documents turned out and this would not have been possible without Dr. Beskin’s help. Her feedback was always extremely helpful and she provided specific guidance about how to improve my writing. She is kind, thoughtful, patient, and the best writing professor I have ever worked with. I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Beskin’s help and I cannot recommend her more highly!

Maddy L

I am a recent college graduate applying to Physician Assistant (PA) school. The Personal Statement is always a daunting task…5000 characters to explain why you want to go somewhere or become something. It left me feeling completely lost. I put together a couple drafts before reaching out to Dr. Beskin (Anna) at Frame Your Narrative. After our first session together I knew I had a lot of work to do, but for the first time I was confident I would get there with a strong essay. Personal Statements are just that – personal! It can be embarrassing to ask someone to read and critique something that contains such intimate material, but Anna made me feel comfortable and supported the entire time. I was never embarrassed to present an idea to her and she was honest and direct with her professional advice. I would recommend Frame Your Narrative to anyone writing a Personal Statement!

Cora P

Dr. Beskin helped me with my medical school applications, and she is as good as it gets. Through my experience with her, I have learned that academic writing is fundamentally different than writing an essay about oneself and that it is essential to have someone work with you at all stages of this process. By questioning the importance of every idea in the statement, she forced me to be intentional with each aspect of my narrative. […] I felt that I needed not only an unbiased person who did not experience the content of my personal statement (my life) to work through and question its content but also someone who cared about my essays (and my future) as much as I did. Ultimately, that is what I found with Dr. Beskin.

Brett T 

 The only way to describe how I felt after our first session is relieved. I was able to explain the task to her and go through my thoughts on what I thought was important to include in the statement. I did expect an advisor to tell me what was unnecessary, however Dr. Beskin’s expertise is in pushing the envelope further by making you think critically about what is important, why it is important and further, how your concepts flow logically… She is honest, direct and patient. Dr. Beskin has a gift for listening, making you ask yourself the right questions and teaching you skills that make you a better writer and thinker. I will absolutely be in contact again for help with future writing projects. I feel that the value of her advising reaches far beyond the project you are faced with. (And yes, I got into the program).

Meline O

Anna is very friendly and supportive. She helped me with my application. Writing an essay is always difficult and challenging. However, Anna gave me many great advice and suggestion. She is an expert and I trust her!


I highly recommend Frame Your Narrative. Dr. Beskin and her staff are terrific. My daughter was helped with writing her college essay in a most supportive and productive manner.

Alicja K

Anna (Dr. Beskin) was so helpful for my daughter’s essays! She was easy to work with. Her comments were thoughtful and clear. The entire process was very smooth. I would definitely recommend her services for anyone applying to college!

Marina G 

I am a Registered Nurse and Vascular Transplant Coordinator pursuing an MHA degree. I am grateful to have found Frame Your Narrative! Working with Dr. Beskin (Anna) was a complete joy! Writing is a stressful task for me and she made it almost enjoyable. Her direction was clear, constructive, and insightful. In following Anna’s process, I discovered my story and know I submitted my best work. I highly recommend Frame Your Narrative. They are professional, punctual, creative, and dedicated to help you find your voice.

Rhapsody D 

Anna is great! Her advice is very useful. She was very patient with me and gave me a lot of her time in order to improve my essay. You can benefit from her if you are working on a college paper, or personal statement for when applying for schools. I am really happy I found her services! I plan to use her help again, it is worth it! If you need assistance in creative writing, editing, planning, or college papers, she is the person to go to.


I recently worked with Anna on my personal statement for medical school. She was incredibly helpful and her feedback really helped me get my essay to the level I wanted it at. She is friendly but honest, so you know that when she approves you’ve got something good. I’m so grateful for the energy and time she devoted to helping me and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to write a standout essay/personal statement.

Jennifer R