About Us

Anna FYN Anna Beskin, PhD (Founder / Advisor)

Dr. Beskin completed her PhD in English at Fordham University where she is currently the International Fellowships Advisor, helping students frame their narratives for prestigious international awards. Dr. Beskin has published articles, encyclopedia entries, and creative work. With her decade of experience teaching writing, as well as serving as Fordham’s Writing Center Director, Dr. Beskin knows how to help applicants present themselves at their best.


Caroline FYN

Caroline Hagood, PhD (Advisor)

A bestselling author, Dr. Hagood has published in The Kenyon Review, the Huffington Post, the Guardian, Salon, and the Economist. Dr. Hagood received her English PhD from Fordham University, where she taught writing and literature courses for six years. Dr. Hagood has also helped young writers tell their stories at Girls Education and Mentoring Services and Poets Out Loud’s High School Outreach Program in partnership with Girls Write Now. Currently, she teaches creative nonfiction at Barnard College.


Marisa's FYN pic

Marisa Iglesias, PhD (Advisor)

Dr. Iglesias received her degree from the University of South Florida where she works as an Academic Administrator for the Department of English. She has taught writing and literature courses for over ten years, both at the middle school and university levels. In her previous position as Graduate Program Specialist, she worked closely with admission committees, gaining insider information as to what readers look for in a college admission essay.