You have worked hard in school,  broadened your horizons with extracurricular activities, and earned a variety of accomplishments, but how do you combine these diverse experiences into a unique admissions essay that truly shows you at your best?

At Frame Your Narrative, we work with students applying for college or graduate school to create personalized essays that demonstrate what makes the applicant stand out.  Whether you need assistance brainstorming, revising, or copyediting, our writing advisors can help.

All of our advisors are PhDs with years of teaching writing experience. We will provide you with one-on-one attention and tailor our approach to your needs as a writer. We will help you frame your narrative and put together an essay that will make you a more competitive applicant.

Since your essays must accurately represent your uniqueness and capabilities, we provide advice and you do the actual writing. By working with us on your admissions essays, you will have the best chance possible for getting accepted to your dream school.

What we promise to our clients:

  • We will be honest in our assessment.
  • We will always suggest next steps to improve your essay.
  • We will care about your success as much as you do.

See the services we offer and contact us today. Let us help you frame your perfect narrative.